GRID 2: Bonus Cheat Codes

Looking for GRID 2 cheats on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3? Here we got the bonus cheat codes list for you. Try them out.

You just have to put these cheat codes in: Go to Main Menu of the game, select Options, then select Bonus codes. Enter following codes:

  • - To get “All drift cars” — Enter code: TUN58396
  • - To get “All muscle cars” — Enter code: MUS59279
  • - To get “Aston Martin DBR9” — Enter code: P47203845
  • - To get “BMW 320si Gamestation” — Enter code: G29782655
  • - To get “Buchbinder Emotional Engineering BMW 320si” — Enter code: F93857372
  • - To get “PAGANI ZONDA Micromania” — Enter code: M38572343

Any issues? let us know via comments.

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