CES 2013: Nvidia with its new Project Shield Gaming Console

Nvidia brought their gaming gadget in CES 2013. They have decided to put their part in the console gaming arena. They unveiled the gaming console by the name of Project Shield which runs on Android OS.

This  gaming console can also be connected with PC to enjoy more pack of powerful games. Nvidia entering into gaming console is a bit surprise move for the people as they normally dealt in chips and graphics cards in past.

Let us have a glimpse of its specs:

  • Bigger size than Xbox but smaller as compared to Wii U
  • TV connectivity through HDMI cables.
  • They introduce the resolution level of 720p
  • Chip has got quad core Tegra 4
  • Ability to run apps like Facebook and music players
  • Ability of connecting with Wi-Fi. User can play games after getting connected with PC which will have GeForce video cards
  • Design: Flip
  • Color: Black
  • Display: 5 inches
  • Screen: LCD
  • Button controls: D-Pad, Shoulder buttons
  • Analogue Sticks: 02
  • Sound: Stereo quality
  • External Memory availability: Yes
  • Cards: microSD
  • Online store for games
  • Feature of “video out”
  • Feature of using Headphones of 3.5mm
  • Power: 33Wh

In CES 2013, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang, didn’t inform anything regarding the release date or the price but he did presented the prototype in the event’s presentation. Watch and enjoy below and do share your comments.

Source: theverge

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