Rumor: Upcoming Xbox will work in Offline Mode

According to an allegedly leaked memo, the next upcoming Xbox will not require always-on internet connectivity and will work in offline mode.

Whether you want to play single-player game or want to watch Blu-ray movie, you can do all even without active internet connection.

‘Always-online’ functionality was killing the motivations of the fans but according to strong leaked evidence this seems to be false.

The internal memo was sent via email by Microsoft to full-time employees working on the upcoming Xbox project.

There are many users which don’t have stable internet connectivity, so they can still watch movies and play single-mode games. This comes in contrast to the rumor that new Xbox will require ‘always-online’ function.

If that’s true then new console will also feature a blu-ray drive and getting TV video feed via HDMI.

New Xbox console is all set to be revealed on May 21, 2013.

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