Feed Your Bird: Smartest puzzle game You Can Enjoy !

It’s feeding time… Feed Your Bird before it starves!

You can find many puzzle games on the App store. But only few are worthy enough to play and like. One of the many puzzle games that you will definitely fall in love with and go crazy playing is Feed Your Bird. Feed your bird is a challenging and smartest puzzle game ever. So if you like to employ your time and mind power on something useful and logical then Feed your bird is definitely your game play.

The premise of this game is simple yet intuitive. Your mission is to free the bird out of the cage. You have got to do this by dropping various objects from different angles on physical structures that collapse when hit at critical points. As the structures collapses the bird is free to feed and voila! You complete the level. Only sound logic and physics along with a little trickery can help you to complete the levels. Thus the game is not only pure entertainment and fun but also compels the players to gain practical knowledge of physics and develop critical thinking skills.

Like all puzzles, the difficulty levels progresses successively. First few levels are easy and are focused on teaching you about the mechanics of the game while the rest of the game depends entirely on your aptitude. Up till now the game comprises of four stages with four levels each. Each level is uniquely designed with beautiful themes that keep you fascinated and intrigued to the screen. You are going to try over and over again just hoping to complete a level with a single click. Moreover, the game appeals to every puzzle solving fanatic belonging to any age group.

Innovation and creativity are two important aspects of a puzzle game and Feed you bird merges both. It is designed to take the idea of gaming beyond the realms of pure entertainment and fun but to also educate, inspire and communicate. I simply love to play this game and desperately waiting for its next release.

This game is developed by Utrade Studios. If you are an Apple user then find the game here. If you are Android Fan then download Feed Your Bird from Google Play.

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